Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life Who Has Everything


Cringe when it comes time to buy gifts for the man in your life who has everything? Been there. Done that! The half-hearted looks on his face are not exactly the highlight of your day. So, what can you do? Well, let’s look at some ideas that might do the trick.
Golf. Can’t stand it myself, but many a man enjoys getting out on the greens and blasting a little white ball to and fro with no apparent direction. If the man in your life has the golf bug, than the eCaddy might be a hit as a gift. It is an electrical gadget [always good!] that keeps track of his performance on up to 10 different golf courses. He can keep a record of his play and compare different days on each course to each other to see how he is improving or at least identify which holes he needs to lie about! You can find the eCaddy online for about $50.
Ever consider giving him plants as a gift? Okay, I can imagine you rolling your eyes and well you should. In this case, however, I am not talking about just any old plants. No, we need a group of plants with a male twist to them. Yes, I am talking about carnivorous plants. The type that eat bugs and such. The set is called “The Little Desktop of Horrors”. It comes with seeds for Venus Fly Trap, Yellow Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant, Purple Pitcher Plant, Pale Trumpet, Temperate Sundew Plants, and Cobra Lillies. All are meat eaters. The set costs a very affordable $25 and will make an absolutely great gift for any man. Imagine the conversations!
Now we get to the old slam dunk gift, the gift that never goes wrong. Your man loves sports. so much. He knows this. So, you can surprise him with a gift that he’ll absolutely loves – a jacket or jersey of his favorite team and/or player. This gift is a double winner for two reasons. First, he loves it because he loves the team or player. Second, he knows you don’t, so he will consider it a sacrifice of sorts on your part, a much appreciated one! That makes it a perfect gift.

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