Using a Licensed Home Health Care Agency – 3 Major Benefits


Placing a relative in a nursing home is a hard choice to make as a family. If you make the decision to do so, then you want to choose the right facility. On the other hand, a nursing home is a last resort for families today. You can consider other options when an elderly family member is no longer able to live in their New Jersey home alone. One such option is licensed home health care. Home health agencies assist families by providing a qualified caregiver to stay with an elderly loved one in their own home.
The home health aide you select needs to be professional and qualified to provide skilled services to your loved one. Some folks may attempt to find a skilled caregiver on their own, without any help from an agency. In my professional opinion, you will save time and frustration and are better served using an agency that provides pre-qualified, certified NJ live in or hourly home health aides.
One of the primary benefits of using a home care agency is that they perform a detailed background check on your caregiver. First, the agency will make sure that the caregiver does not have a criminal history. They also do a DMV check regarding driving record. The agency only hires caregivers with clean criminal and driving records to provide skilled home care services to its clients.
Secondly, the agency will find a home health aide that is state certified to provide a specific service to your relative. For example, if you have a family member dealing with Alzheimer’s then the agency will provide a NJ certified home health aide that has experience with this debilitating disease.
Another major benefit of using an agency is that you do not have to worry about state, federal and local taxes, salary requirements, employee benefits, insurances and other legalities. The agency will handle all employment taxes, licensing issues and insurance requirements related to hiring a professional caregiver.
Essentially, the conveniences and benefits of using an agency put a family in a better position to make good decisions for an aging or sick relative. Moreover, since the agency manages and supervises the whole process, the family can focus solely on spending quality time with their loved one.

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