Broadway Tickets – Getting the Ideal Broadway Show Seats On the Web


In spite of the tough economy, seat tickets to Broadway plays continue to be big sellers. Musicals like “Spiderman”,”The Jersey Boys”, or “The Lion King” continue to sell out despite relatively long runs in the New York City theaters. While many of the bigger Broadway theater shows have touring companies that perform in leading U.S. Cities, however for many individuals, a trip to New York simply isn’t complete without a trip to see the musical on Broadway.
Unfortunately, you usually cannot approach the box office window on the day of the program and buy a ticket. Shows sell out weeks and even months beforehand, and unless you’re fortunate enough to locate a seat from somebody who has canceled, you’ll have to purchase your seat beforehand.
If you don’t reside in The Big Apple, which would permit you to buy your ticket at the theater itself, you’ll likely have to purchase your seat online. Here are several of the choices readily available to you for buying online Broadway tickets:
Craigslist – Craigslist is a Website that allows people to put small classified advertisements online at no cost. Cragislist features a variety of smaller websites for big cities, so that you can search the ads nationally or browse the ads nearer your home. People who have tickets to shows who find they’re not going to be able to attend regularly list them for sale on Craigslist. The benefit of purchasing Broadway seats on Craigslist is that you may find a great price, as many people who place tickets for sale there are eager sellers who simply need to get rid of their tickets as quickly as possible. A primary drawback is that you have no consumer protection and have no way of figuring out if the owner is honest or if they even have the tickets in hand.
eBay – The internet auction website eBay has a big section for buying and selling show tickets, and Broadway seats can be found there along with tickets to live shows, NFL games and all kinds of other events. Sellers may include the same kinds of people who sell on Craigslist, together with people who sell for a living. Even though there are some dishonest vendors on eBay, you’re less likely to get “ripped off” when buying from eBay. Keep in mind that with auctions, prices can occasionally escalate quickly, especially for Broadway shows with greater demand.
Online ticket corporations – There are various of online ticket companies that have huge stocks of seats available that offer them directly to the general public. These corporations have tickets for Broadway shows, football games, NASCAR races, rock concerts and just about anything else. Not only that, but they have easy to use search engines and secure ordering systems. Many of these companies have inventories of tickets for sold out shows, too. If you reside outside of New York, finding an online ticket company may be your best bet.
Broadway shows are exciting to see and lots of fun. As a result of the Web, it is easier than ever to purchase tickets to a show that will make your New York vacation an unforgettable one.

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